Social responsibility

Local community support during the pandemic

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has focused its efforts on supporting the regions where its production enterprises are based. In particular, significant assistance was provided to Primorye, where the company was founded 20 years ago. One of the company's first initiatives was the Good Deeds charity campaign, which was organized together with the government of Primorsky Krai. As part of the effort, people in need were given kits containing essential items and the holding company's products, which included dairy products, sausages, and antiseptics. The campaign was implemented in 22 municipal districts and 12 urban districts. As a result, the effort provided support to more than 2,500 residents.

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municipal districts
urban districts

Over the pandemic, the greatest burden fell on the healthcare system. For this reason, Novabev Group donated tens of millions of rubles to support medical facilities in its regions of presence. In coordination with administrations and ministries of the cities concerned, the company procured the necessary equipment and PPE and donated them to help combat the spread of the disease.

The group purchased masks and equipment components for a hospital in Primorye and nine protective units for transporting contagious patients in Khabarovsk. The group also supplied doctors and COVID-19 patients at Nakhodka's main hospital with still water and in-house food products which were particularly valuable as the city was in a state of lockdown. The company procured 30 infusion pumps used to treat patients on mechanical ventilation for Arkhangelsk, 700 blood oxygen monitors for Moscow Region, and about 100,000 respirator masks for Moscow.

The group also supported the largest safari park in the Far Eastern Federal District during a crisis resulting from restrictive measures that made the park unable to provide for the rare predators from its own funds, which brought numerous tigers, lynxes, bears, and leopards to the brink of death. During the pandemic, Novabev Group provided the park with products from Nakhodkinsky meat processing factory to feed the animals.

Zarya Center for Contemporary Art

One of Novabev Group's key business areas is supporting social action projects. These include Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok, a nonprofit organization, aimed at promoting the best of art from Russia and beyond as well as providing support to young artists and the professional artist community.

Zarya regularly hosts creativity workshops and themed camps for children, movie screenings, lectures on art, and meetings with Russian and international artists. The center also houses a free-access library and a media center as well as a coworking space.

The Center acts as an independent platform for the development of creative ideas through an active dialog with the world's leading experts in contemporary art, design, architecture, cinema, literature, theater, music, and new media. Among the lenders and partners in the organization and preparation of Zarya CCA’s exhibitions are some of the largest private and state collections and museums in Russia, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Shchusev Museum of Architecture, the State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky, the Moscow Central State Cinema Museum, and ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibition Center.

Opening of Golubitskoe Art Foundation

In August 2020, Novabev Group opened Golubitskoe Art Foundation, which operates within the group's Golubitskoe Estate winery.

The Foundation is a new project by the team of the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art. Its activities are aimed at supporting Russian artists and strengthening international cooperation in contemporary art. The project has already opened a year-round international residency for artists, curators, writers, historians, archaeologists, and cross-disciplinary research workers, and also organized a number of exhibitions and educational programs.

The Foundation's projects will be open, transparent, publicly available, and exciting for the local humanist community, including employees of local archaeological sites, museums, galleries, and for any person fond of art, culture, and history.

The overarching goal of Golubitskoe Art Foundation is to become a major tourist destination on southern Russia's map and one of the few places where visitors can enjoy large-scale artworks in a beautiful setting.


In Novabev Group, charity as part of the company's activities is systemic and targeted. However, none of these projects are used for media or advertising hype. Importantly, Novabev Group goes to great lengths to avoid the help to the final recipients to be associated with the alcohol brands of the company.

Environmental protection

Novabev Group complies with Russian environmental laws and regulations and seeks to minimize the environmental impact of its production and waste. The company's key environmental protection activities involve sustainable use of natural resources, saving energy, recycling a range of materials, and proper industrial waste disposal.

Both the environmental impact and air quality at the boundary of sanitary protection zones are being continuously monitored for compliance with the established limit values across all Novabev Group's production sites. These factors are assessed by designated organizations on a quarterly basis. Usable industrial waste is collected for recycling, while hazardous waste is disposed of by designated companies.

The finite natural resources, such as water and hydrocarbon fuel necessary for the production purposes, are handled with care. The group consistently overhauls it production sites in line with its environmental protection policy: workshops are insulated with modern materials, enterprises are equipped with energy-saving technologies, and the use of transport is kept to minimum.

The Moscow office of Novabev Group continued the implementation of the waste sorting project for separating batteries, paper, plastic, and glass, which was launched by the group back in 2019. All sorted waste is sent for recycling under a special contract with a third-party company.

The group also continued the implementation of a project for the collection of secondary materials and their sending to the ALVIZ plant for recycling. In 2020, the volume of waste committed for recycling by the enterprise was 36% higher compared to 2019, amounting to 677 tons of various materials, ranging from paper waste to broken glass.

Equal employment opportunity

Novabev Group employees are the company's key asset and best guarantee of its future achievements. That is why the ethical and socially responsible staff policy is one of the group's priorities.

The group's staff policy is primarily focused on creating new incentives, providing objective assessments of each professional's share of contribution to the company's success and supporting and developing intrapreneurship and talents as well as creating opportunities for career and professional growth and self-realization.

The company implements the principle of equal opportunities. Decisions on employee promotion are taken based on their performance, professional and personal qualities, expertise, initiatives, and responsibility.

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