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Novabev Group unites individuals who put their professional growth and development first, those who are not afraid of taking responsibility and facing new challenges, those who are totally committed to accomplishing team goals. We are a genuine professional team and we are motivated to achieve the best performance and to be number one in the industry. We take pride in our employees whose persistence, commitment and ability to think out of the box have ensured Novabev Group’s success. We take pride in working with them, we are inspired by them. Our Company’s corporate culture is a culture of leadership and in-house entrepreneurship.

Novabev Group’s management has always been and remains a channel of innovation and change and is always open to ideas contributed by our employees.

Together we drive the discoveries, transformations and achievements that convert into Novabev Group’s success.

We grow our in-house human resources with great care and bring in outstanding professionals from outside. Novabev Group’s staff is the foundation of our stability and success.

As we, the team of Novabev Group, perform our job tasks, we constantly keep in mind that our efforts are contributing to the achievement of our common goal. We are confident, because we know that our diligence will be noticed and rewarded. We remember that we are ONE TEAM and that Novabev Group is OUR company. This is why we do not hesitate to invest our time, our effort and our heart in our work.

We are a group of like-minded people who invest in their future.

We are actively investing in our future, and that means, first of all, investing into our staff. We welcome everyone who shares our values: those who are all about leadership and innovation, those who are prepared to persistently pursue their goal and to expand their horizons and improve their skills every day. We welcome all those whose top values are personal development and professional fulfilment.

If you are interested in our Company, you may compare your own values and principles to ours.

We are convinced that, as you do that, your interest will transform into something greater and you will feel like getting to know us better. This is precisely the way Novabev Group’s team usually finds its new excellent employees. Click here. to learn more about our staff openings.

We never cease learning new things and developing our skills

Our Company has a special induction programme that helps employees learn new skills and helps new workers join the team smoother and faster. In 2016 alone, over 2,000 of our staff benefitted from participating in that programme.

Every year, over 300 of Novabev Group’s staff take a management training course in which they learn new business process models, change management and performance management. Not only does this course contribute to their professional growth, but it also makes their career advancement more likely.

In 2016, over 50 Company employees from various parts of Russia went through a training course at Skolkovo Management School (Moscow). We will continue cooperating with this leading Russian business school and the Company is planning to have dozens of our managers upgrade their professional skills at that place each year. Novabev Group has a well-shaped professional culture of its own.

Become a leader with Novabev Group and be part of our success!

If you are interested in working at Novabev Group, please forward your CV to Once we have any staff openings that match your professional level, our representative will contact you.

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