• Report 2023

    We present the activity report of
    Novabev Group for 2023

  • Novabev Group

    BELUGA GROUP has rebranded as Novabev Group
    Click on the banner for more details about renaming

  • Ron Barceló

    Ron Barceló Imperial possesses
    a title of the best rum in the world
    from Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago

  • Beluga

    The leader in a segment of super -
    and ultra-premium vodka in Russia
    in volume terms

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  • Tête de Cheval

    Our attention to the details and love
    for winemaking have been manifested in the uniquely
    decoration and taste of sparkling wines Tête de Cheval

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  • Key figures for 2022

    Revenue – 97.3 billion rubles (+30%)
    EBITDA – 17.4 billion rubles (+67%)
    Net profit – 3.9 billion rubles (+57%)
    Sales – 18.7 million 9L cases (+7%)

  • Belenkaya

    Belenkaya is among the top 15 global
    vodka brands according to Drinks International
    and the top 20 global vodka
    brands according to Impact

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  • Beluga Hunting

    Beluga Hunting noble bitters are produced
    in the center of Siberia by masters blenders
    keeping the secret of making Beluga vodka

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Join a team
of professionals! 

Novabev Group today unites over 13,000 highly gifted employees who work at the Group’s companies in various locations spread all over the country, from Moscow to Vladivostok. 

Our heritage

Craftsmanship traditions, heritage factories, professional dynasties.

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