New name of BELUGA GROUP: Novabev Group

august 24 /2023

BELUGA GROUP has rebranded as Novabev Group. The shareholders supported the renaming.

The new name is to underscore the unique business model, which unites production, distribution, and retail operations, clearly differentiate the company’s brands from flagship vodka, as well as to focus on the group’s coverage of all categories of spirits and wines.

The group’s new name, Novabev, consists of two core elements. Nova (Latin for “new star”) signifies the company’s large scale, leading positions within the industry, and commitment to innovation. Be+V (short for “beverages”) also combining the names Beluga and WineLab (V and W sound the same in Russian), emphasizes the synergy between producing and distributing brands, supported by the group’s own retail sector, and as an abbreviation for the word “beverages” highlights the group’s diverse portfolio.

Despite the rebranding, the group’s organizational and legal structure, strategy, management, and business processes remain unchanged. It will not affect obligations to shareholders, employees, partners, or consumers. Banking details and contact information remain the same. Going forward, the name Novabev Group will be included in all documents dispatched to shareholders, partners, and customers. The style of the website and corporate materials will be gradually updated.

While the brand has evolved, the group will maintain its corporate identity and core values: consumer focus, focus on being the industry leader, aesthetic appeal, and adaptability. Finally, the group will be keeping its mission — “We fill brands with high quality and emotions to raise glasses full of cheer and good spirits”. The vision will also remain unchanged, with the company still aspiring to be the best alcohol company that sets high standards for responsible business and industry, with products that are always number one for consumers in any category and every outlet.

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