Corporate responsibility

Arts and Culture Projects

One of Novabev Group’s key business areas is supporting social action projects. These include Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok, a nonprofit organization, aimed at promoting the best of art from Russia and beyond as well as providing support to young artists and the professional artist community.

The Center acts as an independent platform for the development of creative ideas through an active dialog with the world's leading experts in contemporary art, design, architecture, cinema, literature, theater, music, and new media.

Zarya regularly hosts creativity workshops, movie screenings, lectures on art, and meetings with artists. The Center also houses a free-access library and a media center as well as a coworking space.

The key partners of Zarya are the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Museum of V. V. Mayakovsky and the Moscow Central State Cinema Museum.

In addition to that, Zarya supports contemporary artists through a variety of projects, such as Zarya Artist-in-Residence program aimed at establishing relationships with both the dedicated professional community and a wide audience. More than 80 artists from Russia and abroad have participated in the program since it opened its doors in December 2014.

Alcohol and society

Since uncontrolled consumption of alcohol products entails certain risks of serious diseases, we believe that strong alcohol drinks should be marketed responsibly. The Group’s product marketing and distribution activity targets, first and foremost, adult consumers and takes into account all aspects related to alcohol abuse. l.

We never promote drinking; instead, we offer quality products to adult consumers who have already made their informed choice in favour of a product made by our Company or are about to do so. Novabev Group’s marketing activity fully complies with the requirements of the Russian law. In addition, our Company closely cooperates with Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation and takes part in development and implementation of joint initiatives to facilitate a general improvement of drinking culture and to establish a civilised and productive cooperation between the market players. (Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation website:

We believe that consumers have the right to receive accurate information about distillery products available to them, including information about health risks related to consumption of such products. Therefore, all advertising and marketing materials that concern the Group’s distillery products invariably contain not only data on the product’s ingredients, shelf life and manufacturing date but also include information to warn the consumers about harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

Our Charitable Activities

In Novabev Group, charity as part of the company's activities is systemic and targeted. However, none of these projects are used for media or advertising hype. Importantly, Novabev Group goes to great lengths to avoid the help to the final recipients to be associated with the alcohol brands of the company.

Our Care for the Environment

Novabev Group complies with Russian environmental laws and regulations and seeks to minimize the environmental impact of its production and waste. The company's key environmental protection activities involve sustainable use of natural resources, saving energy, recycling a range of materials, and proper industrial waste disposal.

Both the environmental impact and air quality at the boundary of sanitary protection zones are being continuously monitored for compliance with the established limit values across all Novabev Group's production sites. These factors are assessed by designated organizations on a quarterly basis. Usable industrial waste is collected for recycling, while hazardous waste is disposed of by designated companies.

The finite natural resources, such as water and hydrocarbon fuel necessary for the production purposes, are handled with care. The group consistently overhauls it production sites in line with its environmental protection policy: workshops are insulated with modern materials, enterprises are equipped with energy-saving technologies, and the use of transport is kept to minimum. Besides, as part of a special arrangement with a third-party waste management company, the company's rule is as follows: for each glass bottle produced there is one recycled.

Our Responsible HR Policy

Novabev Group employees are the company's key asset and best guarantee of its future achievements. That is why the ethical and socially responsible staff policy is one of the group's priorities. The group's staff policy is primarily focused on creating new incentives, providing objective assessments of each professional's share of contribution to the company's success and supporting and developing intrapreneurship and talents as well as creating opportunities for career and professional growth and self-realization.

The company implements the principle of equal opportunities. Decisions on employee promotion are taken based on their performance, professional and personal qualities, expertise, initiatives, and responsibility.

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