WineLab introduces online service for corporate orders

september 25 /2023

The WineLab beverage supermarket chain has unveiled WineLab Business, an online service specially designed for corporate customers' orders. This solution allows companies to acquire alcoholic products for various business needs, such as gifts for employees and partners or corporate events.

WineLab Business offers each company to set up a personal profile for managing orders, products, and payments, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Additional features include the ability to manage multiple organizations from a single account and assign employee permissions based on their position and level.

A key advantage of the service is its rapid billing, completed in just 10 minutes. This feature allows corporate clients to expedite the payment process and streamline financial operations. Order fulfillment throughout the chain usually takes about one day.

The online service gives businesses more new opportunities and delivers a comfortable user experience in the corporate sector, ensuring that companies receive their orders promptly without red tape hassle. Moving forward, deeper integration of the platform into organizational processes will foster innovation in the corporate sector.

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