Volunteering in a house for deafblind persons

january 26 /2022

BELUGA GROUP launched a charitable action in support of the house for deafblind persons in Puchkovo in December. Many residents of the house have lost their hearing and vision during their lives, so they have to re-learn household skills of how to cook, clean and use appliances.

Dozens of BELUGA GROUP employees took part in the action. The collected funds are used to purchase mattresses for the residents of the house, and now more people with disabilities can get help and stay in Puchkovo. On January 21, volunteers from the company visited the house for deafblind persons, where they got acquainted with the residents and their ways of communication, found out how works their workshop, purchased hand-made dishes and Christmas tree decorations, and cooked French pies together.

Helping people who have lost their everyday skills is an extremely important responsibility. In the company, business is based, among other things, on mutual support and equal opportunities, so the volunteer and charitable activities of the group are aimed at projects that allow people to adapt to the new reality, continue to communicate and get closer to their usual way of living.

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