Special offer for BELUGA GROUP investors

october 26 /2022

BELUGA GROUP developed a special offer for its shareholders, allowing them to get the top rank (Expert) in the WineLab points-based loyalty program.

This rank gives customers the opportunity to enjoy additional discounts and earn higher rewards points that can be spent on products participating in the promotion.

To join the program, fill out an application form on the promo page and attach a screenshot of your profile with a stock broker that holds BELUGA GROUP shares. Once verified, participants will receive 12 months of the Expert rank in the new WineLab loyalty program, which is available to other customers by accumulating purchases in WineLab stores for more than RUB 40,000.

To learn more about the promotion and to fill out the form, please visit                                                                            

Please follow for more information about the new loyalty program.

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