Operating results 1Q 2023

april 11 /2023

Key figures for the period

•        The company's overall sales -7.5% compared to the same period of 2022 and +15.8% to 2021.

•        The sales grew up against 1Q 2021, but fell short of last year’s record.

•        The overall sales of January and February exceeded sales of respective periods in 2022. The sales volume released in March of 2023 was the highest in the quarter. However, anomalous sales in March 2022, related to political events, had an impact on the result.

•        The sales of the company’s in-house brands -14.2% compared to 1Q 2022 and +4.1% to 1Q 2021.

•        The sales of imported brands +22.5% compared to 1Q 2022 and +78.7% to 1Q 2021.

•        Continued growth against 2021 indicating a confident arrow up in the group’s sales.

•        The export sales -82.6% compared to the same period of 2022: performance is complicated by external factors, which, in turn, caused a drop in sales or a termination of work with several countries. Excluding export sales, the reduction in total sales amounts to -4.9%.

•        WineLab: the number of outlets 1,400+, total sales +33.6% compared to 1Q 2022.

1Q 2023 sales in Russia

•        The company's overall sales totaled of 3,912 thousand 9L cases.

•        The sales of the company’s in-house brands are 2,972 thousand 9L cases. The strong growth dynamic over the period was recorded among brands from the premium part of the portfolio, including Beluga (+12%) and Snow Owl (+12%) vodkas, Fox & Dogs whiskey (+54%), Green Baboon gin (+169%) , as well as Devil's Island rum (+188%).

•        The sales of imported brands reached 939 thousand 9L cases. Barceló and Plantation rum brands, Noy cognac, a wine portfolio, as well as novelties presented last year, were the drivers of sales.

1Q results

•        The key achievement in the reporting period is the improvement in sales mix. In the first place, we saw an increase in imported brand sales. Secondly, sales of our flagship Beluga brand went up in Russia and thirdly, sales of other premium vodkas also improved. Last but not least, non-vodka products such as rum or whiskey also did good.

•        Double-digit growth was shown by brands in the premium segment and higher, which indicates a better sales margin.

•        Demand for the group's products in the Rum, Gin and Whiskey categories indicates the strengthening of the company's position in these highly profitable and growing niches

•        New contracts were signed with partners from Italy and South Africa.

WineLab results

•        The sales of the chain climbed 33.6% compared to 1Q 2022.

•        This strong performance is due to the harmonious growth of both customer traffic +27.3% and the average ticket +4.9%.

•        The number of outlets for the 1Q increased on 76 and amounted to 1,426 outlets.

•        E-commerce keeps making strides. In Q1, click & collect sales increased on 70% YoY, and the share of e-commerce in the aggregated sales of the chain is now 7.3% versus 5.8% last year. More than 169,000 e-orders are picked up in WineLab stores every month.

The 1Q results are predictable. Sales are carried out steadily, as evidenced by the growth relative to the stable year before last. The company will continue to strengthen its leadership position in accordance with the strategy. A strong brand portfolio, own retail chain and distribution system, large-scale production and a team of 13,000 specialists are a powerful asset of the company, which will help achieve the most ambitious goals of the future.

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