Operating results 1H 2023

july 11 /2023

Key figures for the period

•        The company's overall sales for the 1H 2023 exceeded 7.7 million 9L cases, which is +7% to 1H 2021 and -5.7% to 1H 2022. Excluding export sales, the reduction in overall sales amounts to 2.8%.

•        The sales of the company’s in-house brands in Russia are 6 million 9L cases: +0.2% compared to 1H 2021 and -9% to 1H 2022.

•        The sales of imported brands get close to 1.8 million 9L cases: +64% compared to 1H 2021 and +27% to 1H 2022.

•        The decrease in overall sales for the 2Q is 3.4% versus 7.5% for the 1Q.

•        WineLab: the number of outlets exceeded 1,500 in June, total sales +33.5% compared to 1H 2022.

1H results

•        Premium brands from high-margin segments show double-digit growth, which positively affects the company's profit.

•        The fastest growing brands for the period among the in-house ones are Beluga (+13%), Orthodox (+62%) and Snow Owl (+20%) vodkas, Fox & Dogs whisky (+26%), Green Baboon gin (+139%), as well as Devil’s Island rum (+188%), and among the imported — are Barceló and Plantation rum brands, Noy cognac, a wine portfolio, as well as novelties presented last year.

•        In addition to vodka, BELUGA GROUP products occupy the top lines in the Rum, Gin and Whiskey categories on the Russian market, which confirms their demand and popularity, as well as the timeliness of product portfolio diversification.

•        New contracts were signed with partners from Italy, Ireland, Mexico, France and Scotland.

WineLab results

•        The sales of the chain increased by 33.5% compared to 1H 2022.

•        This strong performance is due to the growth of both customer traffic +27% and the average ticket +5%.

•        The number of outlets for the 1H increased by 155, and exceeded 1,500 stores. The development of retail allows BELUGA GROUP to interact directly with consumers and sell products in a controlled channel.

•        In 1H 2023, click & collect sales rose by 95% YoY, and the share of e-commerce in the aggregated sales of the chain is now 7.3% versus 5.8% last year. More than 170,000 e-orders are picked up in WineLab stores every month. NPS in the digital channel has grown, exceeding 75%, which improves the overall level of satisfaction with the chain.

•        The WinClub points-based loyalty program is developing, and the number of its participants is constantly growing and amounts to more than 6.3 million.

•        WineLab is gaining more and more importance for the group, becoming one of the main drivers of its development.

The dynamics for the first half of the year improved compared to the first quarter. All operations are carried out steadily, in accordance with the strategy. The growth compared to the year before last is an indicator of the sustainability and efficiency of BELUGA GROUP. The company has everything necessary for further successful development — a wide portfolio of popular brands, a unique distribution platform, its in-house chain of retail stores, as well as a strong leadership team.

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