On the premises of Golubitskoe Estate winery owned by BELUGA GROUP starts its work Golubitskoe Art Foundation

august 6 /2020

The Foundation is a new project by the team of the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art set up in 2013 in Vladivostok by Alexander Mechetin, founder of BELUGA GROUP. The Foundation is aimed at supporting and promoting local Russian artists and fostering international collaboration in contemporary art. An all-year international residency for artists, curators, writers, historians, archaeologists, and cross-disciplinary researchers has already been opened as part of the project. Exhibitions, educational programs, and an art park will be also established shortly.

The Foundation's projects are planned to be open, transparent, publicly available, and also exciting for the local humanist community: representatives of local archaeological sites, museums, galleries, as well as for anyone who is fond of art, culture, and history.

"Golubitskoe Art Foundation is a further expansion of our working experience, which we’ve gained in Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in the Russian Far East. The Krasnodar region and Taman Peninsula have rich historical and archaeological heritage and may serve as both a great research resource and an inspiration for artists and curators. Contemporary art explores the wide variety of spheres and topics, therefore the Foundation’s program will be aimed at showing different sides of the Taman through art," explained Alexander Mechetin, founder of the Golubitskoe Art Foundation and CEO of BELUGA GROUP.

The Foundation has started its work with the launch of the residency program. The first resident is Alisa Yoffe who has lived in Golubitskoe since July. She finds inspiration in archaeological excavations, local museums and memorials, everyday culture, and images of viticulture, which dates back in the region to ancient times. Alisa has created a series of overview pictures depicting life in the region, gave a welcoming lecture in the Foundation, and a discourse lecture at the Typography Center for Contemporary Art in Krasnodar on August 5. The exhibition of her works created at the residency will be open from August 25 till the end of autumn.

Varvara Busova, archaeologist and curator, and Sergey Kulikov, expert in outlying and sensitive regions of Russia, are going to be among the residents in 2020.

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