For the festive season, BELUGA GROUP has presented Tête de Cheval – seven premium sparkling wines created on Taman Peninsula using traditional Champagne method

december 4 /2020

Tête de Cheval was launched in May 2020. By the festive season the brand’s collection comprises seven products for every taste: tree whites – Brut, Semi-Dry and Sweet, – two rosé wines – Brut and Sweet, – and created for true connoisseurs Zero Dosage and Blanc de Blancs.

Tête de Cheval wines are made using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Pinot Gris grape varieties growing on Golubitskoe Estate vineyards on Taman Peninsula. These classic grapes varieties are perfect for sparkling wines; it is the combination of those that gives the wines their complexity and multifacetedness. The meticulous manufacturing process consists of ten stages and takes about 20 months. During at least 12 of them the wines are aged in bottles on the lees. The Champage method is notable for the fact that champagnization, transformation of still wine into a sparkling one, occurs in bottles. Secondary fermentation is akin to a genuine sacrament, which creates the pearly bubble strings in a glass, the well-balanced bouquet, and the recognizable creamy texture of the wine's flavor. This is exactly the same method used by winemakers of Champagne to make their world-famous wines.

  • Tête de Cheval Brut is of daffodil color with a tinge of lime and aroma of linden and locust tree blossom. The taste is fresh with tones of citrus fruit, green apple, and a mineral aftertaste.
  • Tête de Cheval Semi-dry – the wine of daffodil color with a well-developed aroma full of white clover and citrus fruit. The taste is well-balanced with hints of green apple and a creamy aftertaste.
  • Tête de Cheval Sweet has a daffodil color with a polished white gold tinge. The well-rounded taste is pleasantly sweet with a hint of citrus freshness. The aroma is well-developed with tones of juicy, ripe citrus fruit.
  • Tête de Cheval Rose Brut is of a light pink color with a copper tinge. The aroma is full of guelder rose and red currant with a pleasant tone of creamy parfait. The taste is balanced with a sweet berry component and a nice freshness in the aftertaste.
  • Tête de Cheval Rose Sweet is the wine is of a light pink color, with the hints of red currant and barberry in the aroma and a pleasant tone of creamy soufflé. The taste features sweet berries balanced by a nice fresh aftertaste.
  • Tête de Cheval Zero Dosage has no dosage liqueur added, which opens up a genuine character, exceptionally clear taste and savor the special nature of grapes grown at the Golubitskoe Estate winery.
  • Tête de Cheval Blanc de Blancs is made from 100% Chardonnay grown at the company's own vineyards at the Golubitskoe Estate winery. This delicate and fresh sparkling wine reveals the elegance of the Chardonnay variety.

Each of those products encapsulates the uniqueness of Golubitskaya Strelka terroir and the undisputed skill of the winemakers. Thanks to their elegant design and sophisticated style Tête de Cheval sparkling wines may brighten up New Year and the whole holiday season.

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