Eco event in Vladivostok

october 21 /2022

BELUGA GROUP, Russia's largest alcohol company, and WineLab, a chain of its in-house beverage supermarkets hosted an eco event in Vladivostok.

Conscientious preservation of the environment is a priority for the group. Its environmental agenda has been closely integrated into the entire operations cycle and ranges from recycling to rational resource consumption and implementation of energy-efficient technologies.

Furthermore, WineLab stores are introducing additional initiatives: for example, some of the revenue from plastic bag sales goes to fund environmental projects akin to the event held on October 18. Volunteer staff members in Vladivostok planted 150 trees, including magnolias, mountain ash trees, lindens, hawthorns, cedars, and cherry trees. The choice of location was deliberate, as Primorsky Kray is where the WineLab retail chain first began to grow. The initiative contributes to tree husbandry in the region and aims to boost the natural CO2 consumption process, thus mitigating the greenhouse effect. In addition, this is the chain's way to improve and expand the green public spaces in its home region. The company will continue monitoring the tree saplings' growth and planting new trees as required.

Representatives of the "Podari derevo" (Give a Tree) federal eco project were also involved in the event, providing professional and technical support. Thanks to them, the trees have a favorable environment to continue growing. The Vladivostok administration contributed by providing three spaces for planting trees.

Events of this kind not only promote environmental awareness but also foster a volunteering culture within the organization, which in turn enhances teamwork and allows the employees to make a difference by improving the quality of life in the cities of their company's presence, which are also their home.

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