Beluga sales in Germany have reached their highest-ever level

november 22 /2021

Sales of Beluga vodka in Germany grew by +51% in the first nine months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, reaching a record high. Beluga's share in super-premium segment of this market is over 20%, which brings it solid positions in the top three.

Germany is among the three leading foreign countries for the brand in terms of sales’ volume. Several key factors led Beluga to success in this priority market. Firstly, it is the global growth of the brand awareness, facilitated by the support of significant international events and the own projects of Beluga. Secondly, it is the BELUGA GROUP strategy in Germany: focus on retail and effective product management that includes expansion of the standard brand’s line with limited editions customed exclusively for chains as well as for festive seasons. Today super-premium vodka Beluga is available in all the major chains in Germany, including Lidl, Kaufland, Metro and others.

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