BELUGA GROUP presents the renewed design of PARKA brand

june 27 /2022

BELUGA GROUP presents the newly redesigned PARKA vodka. The bottle is now crafted from a special hue of 'azure north' glass designed specifically for this vodka. The label's style, which includes a recognizable logo, has remained concise. The minimalist design with an unmistakable identity complements the bold northern nature of the product.

This northern vodka is made with top-quality spirit Lux and aromatic spirits of cetraria and lingonberry leaf. It is filtered using a rapid cooling technology process, which ensures crystal purity and a mild taste.

As of 2021, the 'Northern' segment — brands whose aesthetics are associated with ice and cold — has become the fastest growing in the Russian vodka market. The makeover of PARKA, one of BELUGA GROUP's key products in this category, enhances its 'winter' message.

Since the second quarter of 2022, the redesigned PARKA vodka is available in key retail chains.

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