BELUGA GROUP presents PARKA Arctic Cranberry

july 26 /2022

BELUGA GROUP presents a novelty in the collection of its most ‘northern’ brand: PARKA Arctic Cranberry. This flavored vodka is a one-of-a-kind product among flavored vodkas, produced with natural Arctic cranberries harvested in Karelia.

PARKA Arctic Cranberry is made at Georgievskiy. Quality Traditions distillery. One of the hallmarks of its creation is rapid chilling during filtration. This phase gives the product an exceptional purity and thinner feel. The bottles are made of uniquely-colored ‘azure north’ glass, designed specifically for the brand. The label is decorated with a colorful print of scattered cranberries.

This flavored vodka is perfect for serving neat, with an ice cube, frozen berries, or in cocktails.

Brands with designs involving ice or cold are among the fastest growing in the Russian vodka market, thus, PARKA vodka sales increased by 67% over the past five months. Berry-flavored vodkas make up more than 50% of the flavored products in this segment. The brand's novelty will attract a larger audience.

PARKA Arctic Cranberry is available in 0.5-liter bottles. Sales will start in the second half of August, and WineLab customers will be the first to try the new product.

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