BELUGA GROUP presents Golden Reserve National Selection France

march 10 /2022

BELUGA GROUP presents Golden Reserve National Selection France – a novelty to the line of one of Russia's most successful cognac brands, Golden Reserve. This is the first product in an authentic National Selection collection, which consists of hand-selected cognacs from world-renowned cognac regions.

Golden Reserve National Selection France is a mono-blend product with the distillates created in the French region Languedoc-Roussillon. It is aged in oak casks for 5 years, resulting in a deep and multifaceted taste. The premium design – an elegant ribbed bottle and a label with the flag of France, decorated with embossing and imitation of gold – emphasizing the refined character of the product.

In March, WineLab customers will be the first to taste the Golden Reserve National Selection France. Later on, the novelty will become available in all major retail chains.

The Golden Reserve National Selection collection will include cognacs from Armenia, Georgia, and Spain, in addition to the French cognac. This launch will broaden the audience of the Golden Reserve brand and pique the interest of cognac connoisseurs.

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