BELUGA GROUP presents Fox & Dogs Apple Pie

february 15 /2022

BELUGA GROUP according to its diversification strategy presents Fox & Dogs Apple Pie – a new flavor in the product line of Fox & Dogs, one of the most successful whisky brands in the Russian market.

Responding to the global trend for flavored drinks and the audience's particular interest in apple and spice flavors, the group has created a unique product based on classic blended Scotch whisky with apple pie flavor and spice notes. High quality and unique organoleptic properties of Fox & Dogs Apple Pie allow serving it neat as well as in cocktails.

Over the past 3 years Fox & Dogs sales have grown by almost 2.5 times, with sales in 2021 exceeding 360,000 decalitres. The brand now ranks 7th in the whisky category in Russia and 3rd in the middle price segment. The Fox & Dogs collection includes three products: classic Scotch whisky, Fox & Dogs Spiced with a spicy cinnamon and vanilla flavors, and Fox & Dogs Apple Pie. The new flavored product will expand the brand's range as well as help to reach an even larger audience of whisky and whisky-based mix lovers. In February, customers of the WineLab chain and BELUGA GROUP private corporate clients will be able to be the first to taste Fox & Dogs Apple Pie, and later the new product will appear in major retail chains.

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