BELUGA GROUP presents Devil’s Island Dark Añejo

june 16 /2022

BELUGA GROUP presents a novelty in own Dominican rum brand Devil’s Island – aged rum Dark Añejo.

The entire distillation process for the new product, just like for the whole brand’s collection, takes place in the Dominican Republic – from sugarcane harvesting to aging for at least 24 months in deep-fired barrels in hot cellars. This maturing technique determines Devil’s Island Dark Añejo’s intense dark color and unique organoleptics: soft taste with notes of tropical fruits, molasses, caramel and vanilla, a rich aroma filled with tones of caramel and burnt oak, as well as a long aftertaste with hints of spices and coffee.

The novelty enriches the brand’s product range, now presented by four flavors: Devil’s Island Blanco, Devil’s Island Spiced, and aged Devil’s Island Gold Añejo и Devil’s Island Dark Añejo.

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