BELUGA GROUP becomes the exclusive distributor of Tenuta Luce, Attems and Danzante wines in Russia

october 30 /2018
Effective October 10th, 2018, the importation and distribution of Tenuta Luce, Attems and Danzante’s wine portfolios in Russian market will be assigned to the spirits giant BELUGA GROUP.

  • Tenuta Luce is located in Montalcino and established in 1995. Committed to producing unique wines expressing the unique qualities of this terroir, its strong, iconic identity was achieved in a short period of time to become one of the most renowned wines of Tuscany.
  • Attems is located in Friuli, north of Venice, in a region considered one the finest regions for white wine production in Italy, appreciated worldwide for their structure, elegance and minerality.
  • Danzante is a lifestyle brand incorporating wines from the best producer areas of Italy. These wines have a dynamic and friendly style.

BELUGA GROUP is a leading producer and importer of spirits in Russia and the key exporter of world-famous noble vodka Beluga. The company has been selected for its expertise in the marketing and distribution of fine wines and spirits, specializing in building brands for long-term success. BELUGA GROUP owns 7 distilleries, including one winery, a unique distribution platform which covers the entire Russia, and a diversified portfolio of strong brands represented in all the price categories. It also owns a chain of about 350 stores WineLab (with a plan for further development), specializing primarily in wine.

Lamberto Frescobaldi, president of the Frescobaldi Group, and Giovanni Geddes, CEO of the Group, are confident this move will take our business to a new level of sales and distribution in the Russian Federation, considered a priority market.

Statement by Lamberto: “I’m impressed by the capability of BELUGA GROUP to cover different market channels and price segments with an individually focused approach”.

Statement by Michele Drusian, Marketing & Sales Director for the above mentioned families of wines: “I’m very confident this new partner will take the Brands I’m managing to new heights, both in terms of quality distribution and awareness”.

Statement by Mikhail Kashirin, Deputy CEO for Development of BELUGA GROUP

“Italian wines have established a leading position in the Russian market and won consumers’ hearts a while ago. It’s an honor for us to represent Tenuta Luce, Attems and Danzante as they are prominent representatives of Italy.

Our own distribution platform and wide expertise will allow consumers to find Tenuta Luce, Attems and Danzante’s wines on the shelves of stores and attract attention to these particular brands.”

Statement of Alexander Mechetin, CEO of BELUGA GROUP

“A strong wine portfolio is one of our high priorities at the moment. That is why cooperation with Tenuta Luce, Attems and Danzante is an important step for us.
BELUGA GROUP is commited to presenting high-quality brands with an impeccable reputation to our consumers. The wines of Luce, Attems and Danzante will become a perfect addition to our premium wines range, and will strengthen our position in this category in Russia”

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