BELUGA GROUP becomes the exclusive distributor of NOY brandy collection in Russia.

february 10 /2020

BELUGA GROUP continues to step up its foreign brand portfolio by adding legendary names to it. YEREVAN ARARAT BRANDY-WINE-VODKA FACTORY, one of the leading producers of Armenian brandy, has partnered up with the Group. The companies signed a contract for the exclusive distribution of NOY brandies effective March 1, 2020.

NOY is a world-renowned brand of Armenian brandy with a presence in more than 30 countries. In Russia, the brand is one of the most popular ones in its category. The product is unique since the distillates used in its production are extracted from local grape varieties grown only in Armenia. The range of brandies represented in Russia is quite diverse and includes the following names: NOY Traditional, NOY Gift, NOY Araspel, NOY Classic, NOY Tirakal, NOY 30, NOY 50, NOY Gucci, NOY Kremlin Award, Erivan Fortress, and Legends of Sevan.

When commenting on the cooperation agreement, Alexander Mechetin, CEO of the BELUGA GROUP, said: «One of the largest important items historically, the Armenian brandy category is sought after in Russia. However, our brand portfolio lacks it. So, although we have a set range of imported products, it was only logical to add the NOY brandy collection. In Russia, we represent premium beverages and focus on the leading players in key categories; NOY meets our standards and perfectly complements our collection of world-class brands. NOY has an impressive history and boasts an excellent reputation. It deserves to be properly represented, and we will do our best to enhance the brand’s presence in Russia.»

BELUGA GROUP is famous for its unique distribution network and for the development of WineLab—its own specialized alcohol retail chain. The channels allow the Group to represent its own and its partners’ products all over Russia in the most effective way. In 2019, the volume of partner brand sales tripled compared to 2016. The partnership creates ample opportunities for both companies.

Gagik Tsarukyan, an owner of the YEREVAN ARARAT BRANDY-WINE-VODKA FACTORY, stressed: «We are looking forward to the partnership. NOY brandies have been present in Russia for many years, but they still have lots of untapped potential. BELUGA GROUP is one of the leading importers in Russia. It has all the necessary knowledge, expertise, and resources to ensure the brand’s growth, increase public awareness, and develop customer loyalty. We hope our partnership with BELUGA GROUP will help to propel the representation and culture of drinking of NOY brandies to a new level. This will inspire us to create new products and new lines of our exquisite brandy.»


THE YEREVAN ARARAT BRANDY-WINE-VODKA FACTORY is Armenia’s largest producer of Armenian brandy. In 1877, the site that it occupies today housed the first brandy factory founded in Armenia. In the times of Tsarist Russia, the factory boasted the title of the chief supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty. This old tradition was revived in 2006 when the factory was awarded the honor of being the official supplier for the Moscow Kremlin.

In 2011, the factory’s lab was certified as a testing laboratory. The lab meets the requirements of AST ISO 14001-2005, AST ISO 9001, and AST ISO/IEC 17025-2005 and is authorized to perform accreditations. The lab is fully fitted with modern equipment. Apart from the lab, the factory operates a research and development center, focused on brandy production. Thanks to the high quality of its brandy, the YEREVAN ARARAT BRANDY-WINE-VODKA FACTORY expands the global presence of its products every year.

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