BELUGA GROUP announces the results of its Annual General Meeting

july 2 /2018
BELUGA GROUP hereby announces the results of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting held in Moscow on 28 June 2018. In compliance with the federal law «On Joint Stock Companies», these meetings are obligatory and should be conducted once a year.

At the meeting the shareholders discussed the performance of BELUGA GROUP in the past year. Following the announced agenda, the shareholders have approved the Annual Report and the Annual Accounting (Financial) Statements for 2017. They have decided not to allocate profit for the 2017 fiscal year and not to announce the dividends. They have also approved Audit committee comprised of three members. «Crowe Russaudit» LLC has been approved as BELUGA GROUP auditor for the mandatory annual audit for 2018.

Shareholders have elected the new Board of directors of BELUGA GROUP.

It now includes:

1. Alexander Mechetin;
2. Sergey Molchanov;
3. Nikolay Belokopytov;
4. Konstantin Prokhorov;
5. Mikhail Kashirin;
6. Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy Blanco;
7. Alexander Ikonninov.

Thus, there are two new directors on the board — Konstantin Prokhorov and Mikhail Kashirin, and also two new independent directors — Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy Blanco and Alexander Ikonninov.

Konstantin Prokhorov has been working in the group since 2001. He is responsible for the group’s sales performance in the West of Russia as well as for the development of «WineLab» retail network. Konstantin has more than 18 years of experience in the industry.

Mikhail Kashirin joined BELUGA GROUP in 2007. He is the Deputy CEO for Business Development in BELUGA GROUP. Mikhail is in charge of all import projects, as well as of on-trade and B2B sales in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy Blanco is a businessman recognized for his significant contribution in the development of the modern hospitality industry in Russia and the CIS. He is one of the co-founders of the Russian Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, an active member of the «Business Russia» public organization. In 2004 he initiated the MALINA™ (RASPBERRY™) bonus program creation — today it is the largest coalition loyalty program in Russia that brings together the leading retail operators. Rostislav is honored by the numerous awards from «Person of the Year», «Business People», «Hospitality» National Award, Businessman of Year, Hamburg Foodservice Prize.

Alexander Ikonninov is a leading Russian expert in corporate governance and Board efficiency. As an executive Committee member of Global Network of Director Institutes, he participates in the development of international management standards. Alexander is a member of Committee for interpretation of Corporate Governance Code at Central Bank of Russia. He has more than 20 years of experience serving in the leading public companies in Russia and Europe as an Independent director, Head of appointments and compensations committee, member of auditing committees. The first Russian expert who was recognized by Yale School of Management as «2010 Rising Star of Corporate Governance» for outstanding work in the field of corporate governance. Chartered Director by Institute of Directors (IoD UK) — the
highest professional qualification for directors.
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