Bacardi and BELUGA GROUP launched WILLIAM LAWSON’S SUPER SPICED spirit drink based on whisky bottling and packaging in Russia.

october 17 /2017

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, OCTOBER 17, 2017. After a successful year of international whisky brand WILLIAM LAWSON’S bottling and packaging in Russia, Bacardi and BELUGA GROUP agreed to extend their partnership to another brand – WILLIAM LAWSON’S SUPER SPICED spirit drink based on whisky at “Georgievskiy. Tradition of Quality” Moscow region production facility. First bottles of WILLIAM LAWSON’S SUPER SPICED are already available in stores in 0.5L and 0.7L sizes.

“For us – quality is #1 priority”, – says Oksana Pevtsova, Vice President, Head of Eastern Europe for Bacardi.  “Bacardi performs regular and detailed checks of every product batch bottled in Russia to ensure full compliance with all Russian and international standards.  WILLIAM LAWSON’S Scotch whisky is constantly tested locally in quality control laboratory alongside with regular audits performed by Scottish experts.  Most importantly consumers’ feedback on quality and taste is also favorable”.

Alexander Mechetin, CEO BELUGA GROUP says: “Our joint project with Bacardi is evolving. The success is confirmed by the fact that we have recently launched a local bottling of another brand at advanced and innovative flagship enterprise of BELUGA GROUP – “Georgievskiy. Tradition of Quality”. Over the last one and a half year together with our partners we have demonstrated in practice how does a unique process of local-content in the industry work. Moreover it should not go unmentioned that apart from commercial component this project also has an important social part. Additional workplaces were created, federal and regional budgets received more than 1 billion rubles of taxes and fees. I am confident that in a long term our collaboration with Bacardi remain effective and mutually beneficial”.

“Our pioneer localization project was a success and now we are ready to make another step forward and start local bottling of another product – WILLIAM LAWSON’S SUPER SPICED”, – says Oksana.

WILLIAM LAWSON’S SUPER SPICED is a spirit drink based on whisky with vanilla and spices.  The product is produced in Scotland, then it is being transported to Russia where at “Georgievskiy. Tradition of Quality” production facility for blending with vanilla and spices followed by bottling and packaging.

“There is a recent trend in the industry when consumers look for new experiences”, – says Michael Semiz, WILLIAM LAWSON’S Global Director.  “They are attracted to spiced and flavored spirits. That is why we decided to extend local bottling to WILLIAM LAWSON’S SUPER SPICED that offers consumers a unique spicy taste and unusual experience.  Localization will allow us to maintain and strengthen leadership position in the category which according to our estimations continues to develop and grow in volumes”.

Bottling in Russia allows Bacardi to ensure agility, stay close to the consumers and promptly address their demands. Local bottling and packaging also ensures brand’s sustainability, affordability and resistance to currency fluctuations that eventually keeps the pricing stable. 
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