Arkhangelskaya adds two new tinctures to its collection: Arkhangelskaya Pine Nuts and Arkhangelskaya Pepper with Northern Honey

july 4 /2022

Arkhangelskaya introduces two new tinctures: Arkhangelskaya Pine Nuts and Arkhangelskaya Pepper with Northern Honey.

Like all the brand's products, the new specialties draw inspiration from the craft aesthetic of the XIX century Russian North. The tinctures are made using the traditional method and 100% organic ingredients: herbs, plants, and spices. The blends combine different types of pepper and pine nuts, cinquefoil, St. John's wort, nutmeg, linden blossoms, and natural honey—all harvested in the Subarctic. The craftsmen add pine nuts and whole pods of the aromatic hot cubeb pepper into each bottle by hand to highlight the craft essence and genuineness of the tinctures.

The drinks have a rich mouthfeel. Arkhangelskaya Pine Nuts boasts a nutty nose, oily texture, and rich enveloping flavor, while Arkhangelskaya Pepper with Northern Honey is spicy and pungent with velvet honey aftertaste.

The launch of new flavors fueling the interest of customers coupled with double-digit growth in distilled beverages sales in Russia strengthens the brand's position in the segment and helps increase its market share.

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