A new product: Tête de Cheval Brut Reserve

december 22 /2021

BELUGA GROUP presents a new product: Tête de Cheval Brut Reserve. This super-premium sparkling wine is created using classic Champagne technology from grapes grown on the Golubitskaya strelka of the Taman Peninsula and is aged on the lees for 36 months.

The Tête de Cheval Brut Reserve is made from Riesling and Chardonnay of the 2017 vintage, a year with optimum weather conditions for white grape varieties maturation. Chardonnay defines the body and structure of the sparkling wine, and Riesling determines the freshness of its aroma and taste. The meticulous production of this super-premium product involves more than ten stages, including a long-term bottle aging using the traditional method of Champagne winemaking in the province of Champagne. Tête de Cheval Brut Reserve is aged in bottles in the chill of the winery's underground tunnels for at least three years – it is at this stage that the wine develops an exquisite interplay of bubble threads, a harmonious bouquet and a significant creamy texture of flavour.

Tête de Cheval Brut Reserve is distinguished by its light straw color, fine and intense pearl, elegant aroma with nuances of ripe fruit, bread toast, brioche, creamy cream, dense, creamy texture. This exquisite wine has a full, multi-layered and dynamic taste with refined structure, refreshing acidity, and mineral tones in the lingering aftertaste.

Tête de Cheval Brut Reserve is presented in an elegant black gift box with the image of a horse's head, the symbol of the brand. The product will be available to private corporate clients of BELUGA Boutique and customers of the WineLab retail chain at the end of December.

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