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Official Notice

These rules apply to all visitors and users of the Novabev Group (the “Company”) website — (the “Site”). By using the materials of the Site the user agrees with these rules. The Administration of the Novabev Group Site (the “Administration”) reserves the right to change these rules and instructions at its discretion. In case of violation of these rules, the Administration reserves the right to apply all the means permitted by the Russian law to violators. These rules are applied to current and future visitors of the Site.

The Administration maintains this website for the prompt and continuous provision of necessary, sufficient and relevant information on the activities of Novabev Group to all Internet users interested in obtaining information on various aspects of Novabev Group functioning, initiatives and achievements of the Company.

Although the Company intends to continue provision of the most accurate information hereafter, its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. In addition, this Site contains some data on the prospects (i.e., plans, goals, speeches, etc.) that reflect the Administration’s knowledge and include risks and uncertainties. Therefore, the Company warns that the actual course of events or results may differ from the statements and prospectuses posted on the Site.

Thus, the Administration does not bear responsibility or obligations of any kind for the information posted on this Site, except for the cases specifically provided for.


While users are browsing, reading and downloading the content of this Site, there is an automatic collection of information on visitors for statistical purposes (i.e., IP address, domain name, browser and operating system type, date and time of visit, etc.). It is understood that this information is publicly available. Administration shall not bear any responsibility or obligations for its disclosure. No personal information about visitors of this Site (i.e., name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) is automatically collected.


All information on this Site is protected by the law of the Russian Federation on Copyright and Related Rights. For this reason, any use (both for personal and commercial purposes) of information and materials from the Site may not be considered legal without the written permission of the Administration.


Any links to other (external) Internet resources are provided free of charge. The information posted on these resources may not be interpreted as an addition to the materials of this Site. Administration shall not be liable for any other (external) Internet resources, information that they contain, and access to them.

Applicable Law

Use of this Site and information posted on it shall be regulated in accordance with this notice and the laws of the Russian Federation. This official notice does not limit the liability of the Administration for violation of any provisions set forth in the applicable law, as well as liability for violation of any norms that may be and are not prohibited by this law.

In case of any further questions, please contact the Administration.