PARKA is a unique northern vodka with a strong character in a bold design, for those who feel connected to positivity, passion for life and adventure, humor and optimism.

Just like a parka protects its wearer from the extreme temperatures, which, in the North, can drop below −50°С, so does the PARKA vodka warm the body and soul even on the coldest days.

PARKA’s production process involves the application of chill filtering, allowing the product to achieve crystal purity.

The drink blends high-quality Lux spirit with aromatic spirits of natural northern ingredients.


This blend features authentic northern ingredients: aromatic spirits of cetraria and cranberry, and kelp and comarum infusion. They give the vodka a balanced, rounded, and mild taste, despite its fierce character.
0.5L / 0.7L
PARKA Arctic Cranberry
Vodka has a unique, bright smell of cranberries harvested in the Arctic territory of Karelia. The taste and character is determined by its unique recipe, which is based on classical production technology.
PARKA Arctic Cranberry

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