Orthodox vodka is created using a traditional recipe at the Mariinsky distillery, where the art of crafting strong drinks has been passed down the generations for over a hundred years.

The vodka uses only two essential ingredients: the finest spirit and artesian groundwater, drawn from a depth of 300 meters. Upon the marriage of spirit and water, the mixture is filtered twice using activated charcoal; this process allows to remove impurities and oxygenate the vodka. The manufacturing process is topped off with resting in tanks for at least two days and a test filtering. The bottle also reflects this philosophy: irregularly shaped, it evokes those made in the mid-to-late 19th century, a time before technologies allowed for the production of perfectly smooth glass. The top of the cover is made from natural wood. Each bottle has a unique number to ensure thorough quality control, just as they did over a century ago.



Vodka has a mild pleasant taste with classic shades and a warming aftertaste.

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