Bastion is a market legend and one of the first Russian brandy, dating back to 2002.

Bastion is a unique combination of authenticity, high quality, loyalty to tradition, and good taste. This is a premium product, made using the classic technology from distillates delivered from the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon.

The brand became one of the first premium brandy on the Russian market made from French spirits, therefore it is rightly considered to be a true innovator and revolutionary who made a breakthrough in its category.


Bastion 4-years old

Cognac has a shimmering dark amber color, a harmonious bright taste and aroma with notes of vanilla, chocolate and dried fruits.

A great gastronomic accompaniment are camembert, tarte tatin or creme brulee.

Bastion 4-years old
Bastion 5-years old

The drink has a rich amber color and a bright harmonious taste with notes of cinnamon, oak and chocolate. It has a rich aroma with hints of vanilla, chocolate and dried fruits.

A great accompaniment are cheddar, tarte tatin or creme brulee.

0,25L / 0,5L / 1L
Bastion 5-years old
Bastion France VSOP

The drink has a golden amber color and an exquisite mild taste, revealing notes of oak and bitter chocolate. The rich aroma impresses with notes of dried fruits, spices and oak.

It goes well with foie gras, bitter chocolate or camembert.

Bastion France VSOP

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