We believe that the secret of our success is our manufacturing base that consists of 6 high-tech production facilities, each of which covers a considerable part of our country, from the northern regions all the way to the eastern border. This is our Group’s unquestionable competitive advantage: we do not need to spend time and money to ship our products to consumers on the other end of the country, because we are already present in every major region and may simply deliver our products to the region’s stores.

Our distribution network, Russia’s largest private one, is another component that accounts for our success. Through that network, we sell the entire range of our own and imported products all over Russia. Whether you are in Murmansk or in a Far Eastern town of Nakhodka, you may purchase our brand products. Our Group’s 3,500-strong sales staff will see to it every day. 6 high-tech manufacturing facilities, over 3,500 employees.
  • 6Hi-tech
  • 3500+Employees
Novabev Group’s business ambitions do not stop at the Russian border. We constantly work on expanding into international markets. We launch our brands in new countries and keep increasing sales in the existing export markets. Our Company has dedicated business teams in over 7 countries: the USA, Germany, France, the UK, Georgia, Kazakhstan and the Baltic states. The Group’s representative offices have been opened in Europe, North America and Australia.

A star of super-premium segment, BELUGA vodka has been our unquestionable flagship product everywhere. It was every inch worthy of its worldwide recognition and it has become an gold standard Russian export product. This brand’s sales have been continuously increasing in such strategically important markets as the USA, Israel, European countries and the CIS states. The brand is also widely present in the largest international airports where all major Duty Free operators are found. In addition to BELUGA vodka, we have actively promoted other popular Russian brands, such as Belenkaya, Myagkov and Russkiy Led vodkas, in international markets.

Our Group’s international success is a direct consequence of our impeccable promotion strategy. One of the cornerstones of that strategy is seeking partnership with the most influential and seasoned local distributor firms. Due to our partner network which includes over one hundred companies, we are able to offer our products in international markets literally everywhere where consumers are found: in pubs, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, large retail chain stores and private convenience stores.

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