Novabev Group is the largest Russian spirits company.
We manufacture and sell the best alcoholic beverages in Russia and abroad. Our business’s philosophy is grounded in consumer focus, leadership, innovation, global approach and personal growth. This is our DNA that constantly enables us to move forward.

Ever since 1999 when Novabev Group was created it has aspired for leadership. We didn’t want to be just another spirits company, one of the many. We were not seeking easy business solutions and always endeavoured to offer our customers only top quality beverages which subsequently were often considered new standards in alcohol industry.
Just in 20 years we covered a distance that takes many decades for others. Today we take pride in being a market leader and a global innovative company that dares to experiment. We take pride in being a company that seeks to create the best corporate culture in the industry.
1999 year of foundation
20 years of development

We produce our high-quality products in our own 6 distilleries. Some of them have centuries-long industry traditions. We cherish and develop our own technologies and recipes. This is our heritage and we are proud of it. Moreover, we have succeeded to create our own unique sales system. No other alcohol company in Russia has anything close to that; this system is unquestionably among our main competitive advantages.


9,000 highly gifted employees have been brought together at Novabev Group; we are all inspired by one main objective: development and creation of new alcohol brands for all categories of consumers. Today we offer our customers a range of beverages that includes all categories: vodka, whiskey, gin, cognac, brandy, rum, tequila, wine and many other drinks. Wherever you are in Russia you may buy our star product: super-premium BELUGA vodka, as well as mega-popular Belenkaya and Myagkov vodkas, Stone Lion brandy, Doctor August liqueurs or Vogue sparkling wine.

  • 5World continents
  • 80Countries

BELUGA GROUP is also a high-quality mark in many countries of the world. 5 continents and more than 80 countries – this is the scale of sales of our products abroad, where BELUGA has long been the benchmark of true noble Russian vodka and fashion trendsetter.

We are a dependable modern company that has unique competencies and can be relied upon. Therefore, such giants of the world business as Camus, William Grant & Sons, Bacardi have long been our partners in Russia.

We are also a responsible company. Our main capital is employees whom we are proud of, whom we support and provide social protection. Without them, there would be no BELUGA GROUP. There is a spirit of mutual respect, entrepreneurship, initiative, courageous decisions, responsibility and constant development in the Company.

We believe that by creating new brands, putting not only material but also emotional values in them, we develop a culture of alcohol consumption, create a mood and a lifestyle for our consumers.

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