Transformed VOGUE

november 17 /2017

BELUGA GROUP - the largest spirits company in Russia (MOEX: BELU) together with “Conde Nast” publishing house represent restyling of the premium Russian champagne VOGUE which is a joint collaboration of the companies.

The basis of the VOGUE’s line consists of white sparkling wines – brut, the moist, semisweet and also pink VOGUE sparkling wine, which popularity is speeding up around consumers.

Production of the VOGUE is carried out in a unique natural zone in the south of Russia, on one of the largest wineries – the Kuban Wine plant.

White VOGUE's wines are produced by an assemblage of Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Riesling grapes. The pink VOGUE sparkling wine is created with the addition of a red grape which gives a distinguished pink shade to wine.

The bright design of the VOGUE bottle was inspired by the main tendencies in the fashion-industry – minimalism, smooth lines, and metallization. The semisweet and moist champagne logos decorated with precious metals. The content of gold and platinum is not less than 7%. The bottles of white and pink brut have mirror metallization which is the first time experience in Russia.

The first part of the product has already gone on retail. A key distribution channel is the retail chains.

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Additional information:

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PR Director




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Sergey Kuptsov

Director, Corporate finance


tel: +7 495 510 26 95

fax: +7 495 510 26 97


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