The Golubitskoe Art Foundation hosts new exhibition

july 8 /2021

The Golubitskoe Art Foundation, located on the premises of Golubitskoe Estate winery owned by BELUGA GROUP, keeps exploring cultural climate of Taman Peninsula: July 9 will see the opening of a display “De Profundis. An exhibition of apposite art”. The project is curated by the Russian fine art expert Andrei Erofeev.

The subject of the exhibition is the exploration of Taman and the artifacts found in this area. Among the participating artists there are – Leonid Batalov, Piotr Bely, Grisha Bruskin, Micro-art group Gorod Ustinov, ZIP group, and other people of art. In the works presented they discourse upon the true value of dug out of the ground handicrafts, local ethnic groups with their myths and legends, as well as about the architectural traditions of Taman, which is the birthplace of the ancient order according to some versions. In the middle of the exhibition hall there is a huge model of stanitsa Golubitskoe represented by layers of its above- and underground parts – in this collective work by ZIP group, Konstantin Zvezdochetov and Leonid Batalov the layer-by-layer alternation of great civilizations and their effects is visualized, letting the viewers to draw historical conclusions by themselves.

The first part of the show is in the form of an ethnographic museum’ exposition, the other — an archaeological dig. The exhibition will take place in the hall of The Golubitskoe Art Foundation and in the vineyards: the total length of the route is about 2 km.

The Golubitskoe Art Foundation keeps gaining popularity: since the start of the season in April 2021, more than 800 guests have visited exhibitions.

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