The first premium product in the Arkhangelskaya brand product line: Arkhangelskaya Vyderzhannaya 1898 vodka

august 9 /2021

Arkhangelskaya continues to strengthen its position both in Russia and its export markets. For example, The Millionaires' Club 2021 ranking by the British magazine Drinks International named Arkhangelskaya the fastest growing spirit brand worldwide and included it to its list of the Top 30 vodkas.

In July, BELUGA GROUP introduced the first premium product in the Arkhangelskaya brand product line: the Arkhangelskaya Vyderzhannaya 1898 vodka. It is produced, alongside the brand's other products, at the ALVIZ distillery in Arkhangelsk. The number in its name refers to the enterprise's rich history, which started in 1898. This was the year that the State Wine Warehouses, upon the orders of Sergey Witte, opened their doors on the Northern Dvina embankment. These warehouses later became the Arkhangelsky distillery.

This new vodka blends an infusion of oats with a fragrant wheat alcohol. Setting this product apart is its 30 day aging in 100-year-old copper vats used by the distillery since the days of the Russian Empire. Owing to this lengthy aging period, the drink acquires a flavor of noble malty notes. Finally, the bottle is sealed with wax, protecting it from unwanted opening or tampering.

Arkhangelskaya Vyderzhannaya 1898 will soon be available at WineLab, Lenta and METRO retail chains.

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