Synergy started production of USURI tincture

may 4 /2016
Synergy, Co. (MOEX: SYNG), the leading spirits group in Russia today started production of the new brand USURI on Ussuriysk plant. The tincture has an inclusive of ginseng’s root and honey form Ussuriysk taiga. The first bottling of a novelty has taken place in March, when more than 10 thousand bottles have descended from the conveyor. Key feature of a new product is the real root of a ginseng which is manually put in each bottle and a set of unique taiga ingredients.

Start of tincture is urged to create a unique niche of tinctures with an investment in a premium segment among the Russian producers. The main selling channels will become – distribution networks and HORECA. Also, the new brand will be presented to the export markets as from the moment of test sales in the territory of the Russian Federation USURI has shown the 4-times growth of sales in all channels.

According to the brand group Director Andrey Kukhtin: "USURI - the unique product which is occupying own niche among tinctures, which is almost not having analogs. Developing it, we were guided by offering the consumer unusual tincture with unique ingredients from Ussuriysk taiga.

We consider that the product is standing out on the general background of tinctures as externally, and on tastes and contents, and are sure that USURI will take the worthy place in category of tinctures".

This brand is completely independent product which is perfectly suitable both for the independent use, and as a part of cocktails. And thanks to power properties of a ginseng’s root, in small amounts, tincture renders the toning effect.
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