Synergy’s brands are leading on the Russian market

november 18 /2016
Synergy, Co. (MOEX:SYNG), the leading spirits group in Russia today announces that Myagkov and Belenkaya brands take leading positions in the low-premium and in the standard price segment respectively following the results of 1H2016.

The most considerable achievement became a recognition of Belenkaya as a №1 brand in "Vodka" category on the Russian market by sales volumes and a market share. Belenkaya is ahead of competitors from all price categories and doesn't cease to confirm the superiority, becoming the third year in a row the winner of the award "Goods of The Year" in "Vodka" category.
Based on the audited data of retail trade in "Vodka" category conducted by Nielsen company from December 2015 till May 2016, Myagkov vodka takes the 1st place in the low-premium segment (12,89%) and Belenkaya vodka takes 1st place in the standard segment (13,7%).

Andrey Kukhtin, Brand group director noted: "Success of Myagkov vodka is a natural result of laborious work on a brand for a long time. The brand possesses the audience of modern consumers for whom we develop different variations of a product taking into account trends of flavoring preferences. Diversification of a product, the weighed approach to promotion, high quality – all this is Myagkov, vodka composed success which we observe".

As Brand group director Anna Shalaeva said: “Success of our product is caused not only by the Belenkya’s highest quality which exceeds the existing GOST, but also by continuous work on improvement of brand and its positioning. Belenkaya has a long history of success, and for years of the existence the brand created own, unique reputation which is confirmed by the sales volumes estimated by millions of decalitres.

Besides, it should be noted that we constantly work on expansion of the Belenkaya line releasing various versions of a product, including the limited editions whether it be New Year's holidays, or the Defender of the Fatherland Day".
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