Synergy launches Beluga Hunting – Noble Russian bitters

january 12 /2016
JSC Synergy (MOEX: SYNG), the leading spirits producer in Russia, announces the release of bitters – Beluga Hunting Herbal (Beluga Hunting Travyanaya) and Beluga Hunting Berry (Beluga Hunting Yagodnaya). Noble Russian bitters can be bought already now in large retail chains across Russia.

New products from Beluga are available in 500ml and 700ml bottles. Beluga Hunting Herbal contains 40% alcohol by volume and Beluga Hunting Berry – 38%. Unlike Beluga vodka, Beluga Hunting bitters have a recommended period of storage of 3 years. Both vodka Beluga and Beluga bitters are made at the Mariinsk distillery owned by Synergy Group. It is a legendary enterprise founded in the 1900th year located in the center of Siberia.

Both variants of Beluga Hunting are created by master blenders who take care of the complicated production process. The unique combination of the herbs and berries growing in Siberia, malt spirit, artesian water and traditions of distillery with century-old history were embodied in noble taste of bitter.

Sophisticated design of the bottle with handmade elements supplements perfectly the character of the drink. Beluga Noble Russian bitters have got a traditional decoration element: a small Beluga fish that is manually attached to each bottle. This is a symbol of Beluga family and a sign of the highest quality of the product.

Ekaterina Mechetina, Synergy’s brand director noted: "The decision to step in the category, that is new to Beluga brand, was caused by desire to attract new consumers and also maintain loyalty of the existing ones. We see the potential for further development of bitters category in Russia. We are sure that Beluga Hunting will become a new great member of Beluga family and will be highly appreciated by super-premium spirits drinkers".
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