New launch from the Arkhangelskaya Brand: Arkhangelskaya Northern Herbs Special Vodka

april 10 /2020

BELUGA GROUP presents Arkhangelskaya Northern Herbs, a new product in the brand's range. Arkhangelskaya is one of the fastest growing vodka brands on the Russian market and the leader of subpremium vodka segment.

Like other brand’s products, the Arkhangelskaya Northern Herbs special vodka is producing at the ALVIZ distillery, which dates back over 100 years and is famous for its expertise in the production of tinctures and aromatic spirits. The experience of several generations of refined distillers alongside the professionalism of the team guarantee fine selection of ingredients and its perfect mix to provide the unique organoleptic properties for each blend.

Arkhangelskaya Northern Herbs is made with eight hand-picked autochthonous species of wild herbs typical for the Subarctic: lingonberry leaf, Icelandic moss, St. John's wort, marsh cinquefoil, cloudberry sepals, blueberry and heather shoots, and fireweed. These ingredients are the base of aromatic spirits, which are produced by traditional distillation technology in a unique copper alembic. The blend is left to rest for 14 days in 100-year-old tanks at the final stage of production, making the vodka’s taste and aroma authentic.

The new product is available in a single SKU, 0,5 liter bottle.

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