Golden Reserve Black Cask — new product in the BELUGA GROUP range

september 30 /2021

BELUGA GROUP expands the product line of the Golden Reserve brand and presents a new product, Golden Reserve Black Cask.

Distillates for this brandy are matured in oak casks for at least five years and then undergo additional aging in strongly toasted barrels. That is why this brandy has a rich smoky aroma with notes of vanilla and caramel, a bright rich taste and a nice spicy aftertaste.

Introduction of Golden Reserve Black Cask in our portfolio allows us to strengthen the position of BELUGA GROUP in the growing Russian cognac market and corresponds to the company's strategy of portfolio diversification with focus on high-margin products.

This new product is already available in 0.5 liter bottles in WineLab and Lenta stores. Starting from October, it will be sold in other major federal retail chains. The minimum price amounts to 499 RUB.

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