The loyalty program of WineLab was rated at the top among the largest FMCG chains in Russia

january 9 /2023

In late December 2022, INFOLine news and analytical agency presented the results of the study titled Ranking of Loyalty Programs of FMCG chains, which analyzed the top 30 retail FMCG retailers by revenue, with the exception of online retailers. The research examined several complex metrics of loyalty programs and measured them against 40 criteria.

WinClub Loyalty Program by WineLab, with 5.9 million clients, was ranked among the best according to this study. Its key distinguishing features are absolute benefits for customers, omnichannel strategy, and emphasis on developing a personalized approach.

WinClub Loyalty Program participants can enjoy both numerous discounts and earn reward points, as well as take advantage of several mechanisms for earning reward points for a single order in the online store. This is extremely rewarding for the customers. When making a purchase, the loyalty program takes into account their membership status, allowing them to earn extra points or choose brands with increased bonuses. Besides the benefits listed above, WinClub members get bespoke offers based on the target audience segment they fall into and personalized criteria.

The high evaluation of the WinClub loyalty program by independent experts confirms the solid development of the WinLab e-com business, which is in line with the company's long-term development strategy. With that, the choice of customers and the constantly growing number of participants prove the team's expertise and the correctness of the chosen direction in the development of the loyalty program.

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