During the pandemic, BELUGA GROUP continues to provide targeted support to the regions of its presence

april 27 /2020

Following the launch of the ’Good Deeds’ charity campaign in Primorsky Krai, the company has also lent a hand to Arkhangelsk Region, where the ALVIZ distillery, which belongs to BELUGA GROUP, is located.

Representatives of BELUGA GROUP, led by Alexander Mechetin, CEO, and Natalya Shevchuk, General Director of ALVIZ, reached out to the Ministry of Health of Arkhangelsk Region to discuss its needs of medical and personal protective equipment is needed to help fight the pandemic in the region. Following the discussion, BELUGA GROUP purchased and transferred more than 30 Infusomat units, used to treat patients on ventilators in a moderate to critical condition, to the Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital. The equipment can be put to work round the clock, which is crucial for coronavirus patients.

The equipment was transferred on April 16 in the presence of Irina Bazhanova, Minister of Agriculture of Arkhangelsk Region charged with supervising the process at the administrative level, Igor Petchin, Chief Medical Officer at the Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Natalya Shevchuk, General Director of ALVIZ, and media representatives.

Igor Petchin, Chief Medical Officer at the Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital, commented on the equipment handover, "Currently, the health-care system of Arkhangelsk Region is prioritizing patient care... It is such a relief to know that businesses and entrepreneurs are eager to get involved. BELUGA GROUP has supplied the health-care system of Arkhangelsk Region with a whole set of Infusomats, indispensable for health-care facilities' intensive care units. The equipment will be distributed according to a quota among the region's health-care facilities where COVID-19 patients are being treated, with the Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital at the forefront."

The Ministry of Agriculture and Trade and the Ministry of Health of Arkhangelsk Region also thanked BELUGA GROUP for providing the emergency assistance.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the health-care system in general as well as health-care facilities and staff in particular have taken on a heavy workload. Since support at all levels is of critical importance now, BELUGA GROUP is doing its best to help in the regions it operates.

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