Beluga’s sales in Israel doubled in 9M 2021

october 14 /2021

For the three quarters of 2021, sales of Beluga super-premium vodka in Israel doubled compared to the same period in 2020. Its dynamics relative to the "pre-COVID" 2019 amounted to +75%.

Israel is among the top-5 super-premium vodka markets in the world. Beluga occupies one of the leading positions in the rapidly growing category of super-premium vodkas in this country with a share of 35% and develops at an outstanding pace. Another confirmation of Beluga's strengthening in this market is the significant dynamics of the brand in Duty Free of Israel, the second after Moscow in terms of the brand’s sales volume.

The doubling of BELUGA GROUP’s super-premium flagship in Israel in the first nine months of 2021 was the result of effective team's work over the past five years, highlighted after the pandemic.

Among the success factors are the following. First off, boost of the brand’s credibility due to the strengthening of its positioning in points of sales, media and digital channels. What is more, the brand's achievements were influenced by a strong distributor with deep expertise in the super-premium segment, as well as by the limited editions releases, and consistent work with all sales channels: stores and e-commerce platforms, as well as hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes that are recovering after the pandemic restrictions.

Steady growth rates in the markets where the Beluga brand occupies a significant share in the super-premium segment reflect a systematic approach to the implementation of our long-term strategy of Beluga vodka global expansion.

The group will continue to strengthen Beluga's position in the promising Israeli market in terms of both increasing sales and enhancing the flagship image, alongside development of the other export brands in this country.

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