Beluga presents Beluga Noble Winter

december 12 /2016
Synergy, Co. (MOEX:SYNG), the leading spirits group in Russia today announces about the limited edition of super-premium Beluga Noble Winter vodka.

The product is specially dedicated for a winter season of 2016-2017 and produced in an esthetics style of art deco. The cult style of art deco is one of the sources that inspired Beluga brand. The bottle’s design of Beluga Noble Winter is executed in silver and gold colors and combined the courageous geometrical forms reminding mountain tops and modernist clear accurate lines.

The heritage of brand, attention to each detail and commitment to excellence are embodied in the new creation of Beluga masters. The product already went on sale into large retail chains in bottles of amount  0,7 l, which retail price is comparable to Beluga Noble in original design. Beluga Noble Winter will become an excellent gift for admirers of a brand and collectors.
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