BELUGA GROUP presents two new products in the Green Baboon gin line, Pink and Citrus

july 7 /2021

Continuing to develop high-demand categories in Russia, BELUGA GROUP is expanding its range of gin offerings with two new flavors: Green Baboon Pink and Green Baboon Citrus. As with the flagship product, both are produced at the Georgievskiy. Traditions of Quality distillery. The distillation process involves a one-of-a-kind copper alembic still, created in Germany especially for the brand.

The Green Baboon Pink blend is based on juniper—a classic gin ingredient—as well as birch, raspberry, and strawberry leaves, rose petals, and Rhodiola rosea roots. The gin has a rich raspberry scent and a delicate berry taste with subtle hints of spice.

The Green Baboon Citrus blend is notable for its use of the fragrant lime spirit, which provides its pronounced citrus flavor. Other ingredients include: sweet briar, garden angelica, dropwort, rosemary, and a variety of other fragrant herbs and spices. The vibrant flavor, filled with orange, grapefruit, and lime notes, gives way to a delicate aftertaste with a tang of juniper.

The new blends are available for purchase in WineLab stores in July; a large-scale nationwide launch will start in August.

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