BELUGA GROUP Presents Tête de Cheval Premium Sparkling Wines Collection

may 21 /2020

Following the Classic and Reserve collections of Golubitskoe Estate still wines, launched just over a year ago, BELUGA GROUP is proud to introduce a new product: Tête de Cheval premium sparkling wines made at the Golubitskoe Estate winery using the traditional Champagne method and grapes grown in Golubitskaya Strelka on Taman Peninsula. The first batch of the new product was shipped for distribution in mid–April. This is a landmark moment in the history of both the winery and BELUGA GROUP making its first step into a new market segment.

The Tête de Cheval sparkling wines collection comprises eight flavors. The regular range includes the classic Brut, Rose Brut, Semi-Dry, Sweet, and Rose Sweet wines. True connoisseurs can enjoy a specially created reserve collection presented by Blanc de Blancs, Zero Dosage, and Brut Reserve 2017. Each of those wines encapsulates the uniqueness of Golubitskaya Strelka terroir and the undisputed skill of the winemakers.

It takes at least 20 months from the moment of harvesting till the sparkling wine will fill a glass. The meticulous manufacturing process consists of ten stages, which include the long-lasting aging on lees in bottles using the traditional Champagne method whereby the bottles spend at least 12 months in cool underground tunnels. This is exactly the same method employed by winemakers of Champagne to make their world-famous wines. Aging in bottles is akin to a genuine sacrament, which creates the pearly bubble strings in a glass, the well-balanced bouquet, and the recognizable creamy texture of the wine's flavor.

The Golubitskoe Estate winery is located in a uniquely beautiful place. It is a narrow plot of land between the salty Sea of Azov and the Akhtanizovsky Liman freshwater lake washing upon the southern slope of a dormant volcano. These water bodies protect the plants during season change and sharp temperature spikes, while the prevailing northeastern breeze aerates the vine, helping maintain its perfect condition. The grapes growing in such an environment possess truly impressive characteristics.

Tête de Cheval wines are made using the classic Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Pinot Gris grape varieties. The vines now growing in Golubitskaya Strelka were imported from Italy and Austria 7-9 years ago. The grapes they yield are perfect for the creation of sparkling wines; it is the combination of those that gives the wines their complexity and multifacetedness, while the traditional Champagne method ensures the supreme quality of the product.

Our attention to the tiniest detail, love for winemaking, and utmost care when dealing with the creation process have manifested in the approach to decoration: the eye-catching, uniquely shaped bottle, which is the company's proprietary creation, named Tête de Cheval after the brand itself is adorned with metal horsehead-shaped emblem.

Customers of the WineLab chain of specialized alcohol boutiques will be the first to try Tête de Cheval sparkling wines in May 2020.
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