BELUGA GROUP presents new Green Baboon flavors

july 19 /2022

The collection of Green Baboon gin has grown with the addition of two new products: Green Baboon Black Currant and Green Baboon Banana. This daring flavor experiment, never seen in any gin product lines around the world, reflects the original and bold character of the brand.

Just like the whole Green Baboon range, the novelties are produced using a one-of-a-kind copper alembic still at the high-tech Georgievskiy. Traditions of Quality distillery. Copper alembic still allows creating not only classic gin, following all specifications, but also to experiment with flavors.

Each new product contains the Green Baboon signature mix of 15 herbs and spices, including the traditional juniper and rose hips, along with such non-conventional ingredients as peppermint, meadowsweet, lemon balm, rosemary, elderberry, and rose petals. The Green Baboon novelties offer a different spin on the signature herbal blend, accentuating and complementing the additional ingredients and congeners: the aromatic spirit of fresh banana fruit in Green Baboon Banana and the aromatic spirit with black currant leaves and five-flavor-fruit in Green Baboon Black Currant.

Now the brand's collection features five bright and vibrant flavors: classic Green Baboon gin, Green Baboon Pink, Green Baboon Citrus, Green Baboon Banana, and Green Baboon Black Currant.

The new Green Baboon products are now available to WinLab customers, and they will soon appear on the shelves of major retail chains.

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