BELUGA GROUP presents Myagkov Ultra Light, a new gluten-free vodka

may 19 /2021

The growing public interest in gluten-free products is yet another trend in consumer behavior. This inspired the innovative brand Myagkov to present Myagkov Ultra Light, a new gluten-free 38% ABV vodka that is entirely grain- and gluten-free, made of spirit distilled from corn.

The product is made from top-quality spirit Lux, softened artesian water and natural honey, and undergoes additional dynamic filtration. Myagkov Ultra Light has less than the traditional 40% ABV, and therefore it can attract customers who appreciate milder alcoholic beverages. Thanks to the relatively low alcohol content, the drink offers a soft, balanced taste and aroma, which allows its organoleptic properties to be enjoyed fully.

This new product is available at WineLab and Pyatyorochka stores. By the end of 2021, the product will be distributed through all of Russia's main retail chains.

At present, the range includes two volumes: 0.5L and 0.7L.

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