BELUGA GROUP presents ESG Report prepared according to GRI Standards

may 31 /2021

BELUGA GROUP, one of Russia’s largest alcohol company, presents its first ESG report prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards framework. The report discloses the progress the company made in business development, environment protection, and corporate social responsibility in 2020, and also highlights the company's sustainable development initiatives and its effort to counter COVID-19.

The purpose of the report is to assist in building transparent communication with all the stakeholders, underscore the company's steadfastness in implementing and following the sustainable development guidelines in its business, showcase the steps being taken in that direction, and attest the group's commitment to the precepts of corporate social responsibility. From now on, the company plans to publish its sustainability reports every year.

Alexander Mechetin, Chief Executive Officer of BELUGA GROUP, noted in this regard:

“This report signifies an important milestone on the path towards forging sustainable practices in our company. The report reflects how serious we are about sustainable development issues and demonstrates the principles our business follows in its interaction with employees, communities, and environment as we pursue our consistent growth strategy. We aspire to doing business responsibly, in rigorous compliance with the laws of all countries where we operate, with a strong focus on the social aspects of development, and never failing to support our employees and local communities while minimizing the impact of our businesses upon the environment.

The year 2020 brought in its wake unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide. This further strengthens the relevance of sustainable development in such aspects as propagation of a responsible drinking, ethical conduct of business, responsible environmental behavior through conservation of water and energy and minimization of waste, support for local producers, joining forces in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, and last but not least, promulgation of new projects in the arts without which our life would never be so full and multifaceted. I trust that, with our work and the impacts we achieved in the areas just mentioned, we made a positive contribution to the sustainable development agenda last year.

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