BELUGA GROUP presents Devil’s Island, its first own-brand rum

january 12 /2021

The company continues to expand its brand portfolio and launch products in new categories. In addition to vodka, cognac, liqueur, gin, bourbon, and wine, the group's range now includes Fox & Dogs scotch and Troublemaker Irish whiskey. The two are distilled in Scotland and Ireland, respectively, with only the final stage of production, bottling, carried out in Russia at the company's modern production facility.

In December, BELUGA GROUP presented its own rum brand—Devil's Island. The entire distillate production process, from sugarcane harvesting to aging, takes place in the Dominican Republic—the birthplace of rum. The country's hot and humid climate creates the ideal conditions to produce a drink with a deep and rich taste. And just like the whiskeys above, the final stage of production takes place at one of the most advanced facilities in the industry, the group's Georgievskiy: Traditions of Quality distillery.

According to legend, Devil's Island is a mythical place sought out by pirates. It's a place where there are no enemies and no bad weather—just freedom, plenty, and fun. The design of Devil's Island is inspired by the adventurous pirate spirit and the never-ending quest for hidden treasure and passion.

The brand's product range consists of three items: Devil's Island Blanco, a white rum often used to make long drinks; Devil's Island Spiced, a dark rum with a spicy vanilla and cinnamon flavor for those who prefer a richer taste and simple mixes; and Devil's Island Gold Añejo, a classic distilled rum that's best enjoyed neat.

The new product is presented in 0.5 liter bottles and will be available in the WineLab chain in January. In March the product line will be replenished with 0.7 liter bottles and will appear in large federal retail chains.

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