BELUGA GROUP presents a new product under Myagkov brand: the first vodka made of organic spirit in the sub-premium segment

march 20 /2019
Supporting the trend for organic products, one of most innovative Russian alcohol brands — Myagkov — is launching a next-generation product, which anticipates the consumers’ demand. The idea behind the project is to create vodka using organic ingredients; it required BELUGA GROUP to reviewed the whole production chain from the field to the glass.

This idea of the company was supported by Rosspirtprom JSC. The joint team of specialists has been working on the project over 2 years, selecting the farms, determining the spirits production facility nearby the source of pure natural water, creating the recipe of the vodka and organizing the production process.

The result of the joint work was a next-generation product, Myagkov with organic spirit. The organic spirit for this vodka is comprised from specially selected wheat grown in the fields of Russian farms under the conditions where the natural characteristics of soils are preserved and non-organic fertilizers have not been used during a certain period. The production cycle for organic products is separated from the main production both in time and space. Compliance of the spirit production process with the standards is confirmed by «Organic» Conformity Certificate No. 0075135. The taste of this vodka has a delicate fine bread aroma achieved by infusing crisp wheat bread on organic spirit during 5 days. The product is now presented by one SKU 0.5 litres, and soon 0.25 and 0.7 litres volumes will be released.

The product complies with the high standards of the GOST. The organic spirit for this vodka is confirmed by GOST 33980-2016 which strictly regulates organic food products standards, and the system of production safety management at the plant where Myagkov with organic spirit is manufactured, — by GOST R ISO 22000-2007, identical to ISO 22000:2005 international standard.

The product starts a new page in sub-premium vodkas segment. All because for Myagkov to be an innovator is natural!
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